Yep, we're doing it again. We're talking about gas. This is important, too, I promise.

With summer right around the corner, it's important that you're aware of this. You need to be on the lookout for places that fail to do this all summer long. With the economy in the state that it is, we all need to know how much we should be paying for what, especially when it comes to gas.

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Everything is expensive in the Garden State. We know this, right? This got me questioning whether or not gas stations in New Jersey legally have to post their prices? Is it the law? With how pricey everything is nowadays, do they legally have to disclose what they're charging us?


Do NJ gas stations legally have to post their gas prices?

Here's what we know: if a driver happens to see a gas station that has failed to post their gas prices for you to witness before purchasing, you should absolutely take note and report them.

It's illegal for any gas station in New Jersey to NOT have their gas prices listed for you. It's your right to know. It's called informed purchasing.

You can download various apps like and so you know where to go to save a dollar or two. In today's world, every little bit that you keep in your bank account helps.


Back when I first started driving, I remember freaking out over it costing me $30 to fill my tank. Now, I dream about the days when that's all I was spending at the pump. At least here in the Garden State we don't have to pump our own. That's always a plus, right? Especially in the winter...

Here's a pro-tip for you, though. Get gas on Mondays! Believe it or not, you usually will find the cheapest prices of the week on that day.

While you're debating on where to fill your tank, here's what you should be wary about purchasing while you're waiting:

10 Items NJ Should NEVER Buy At A Gas Station

Sure gas stations like Wawa are great, but not all gas stations are the same. Readers Digest reports that these are the things you want to avoid buying from a gas station at all costs.

Gallery Credit: Buehler

Be safe out there, NJ!