People love to talk smack on the Garden State, but there are a few things about New Jersey that haters can't make fun of us for. You can't say we don't have good food. Don't you dare try to compete with the level of healthcare you get in the Garden State. Finally, our education system is top-notch.

New Jersey schools have always been ranked among the best of the best. Honestly, what one would consider a "horrible" school here in the Garden State is easily better than certain school districts in other parts of the country.

To put it simply, the education your child receives from right here in New Jersey is top-tier.

The schools wouldn't be able to function without help from the government, a.k.a school funding. Where does that money come from, you ask? Our taxes, of course. So, how much of the taxes taken out for our schools is actually getting where it needs to go?

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A new survey from the folks at WalletHub analyzed the most and least equitable schools within the Garden State. Obviously, there are school districts that receive more funding than others. The wealthier the district, the more funding it receives. Seems backward, doesn't it? Still, that's the way of the world.

The problem with that is the students are the ones that ultimately suffer. Equitable funding for all school districts throughout the state would mean the same quality of education for ALL students, regardless if they come from rich or poor families.

As it happens, six out of the top ten equitable school districts in all of the Garden State happen to fall within the parameters of the southern part of New Jersey. If you chop up New Jersey in 3rds, South Jersey includes Burlington and Southern Ocean Counties, Gloucester County, Camden County, Salem County, Cumberland County, Atlantic County, and Cape May County.

The school districts with the most equitable funding are in Burlington County, southern Ocean County, and yes, one even in Atlantic County!

The most equitable school districts in South Jersey are:

1.) Washington Township - Sewell

2.) Beach Haven School District

3.) Cinnaminson Township School District

4.) Lumberton Township Board Of Education

5.) Linwood City School District

6.) Hainesport Township School District

To check out the complete list of the most and least equitable school districts here in the Garden State, click HERE.


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