Snob: one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior -- or one who has an offensive air of superiority in matters of knowledge or taste.

Hoity-toity Towns in NJ

As you gaze across the highly-taxed fruited plains of the great Garden State, what do you think are the snobbiest or most pretentious towns in New Jersey?

Would those places be home to some of our larger universities, like Princeton or New Brunswick? Would it be the wealthier towns in North Jersey? What about those with multi-million dollar homes along the Jersey Shore in Cape May County?

Beach house in Stone Harbor NJ
Beach house in Stone Harbor NJ - Photo: Google Maps

For some condescending clarity, we turn to RoadSnacks, which recently released its list of the snobbiest towns in New Jersey.

Some Towns May Have Made the List, But...

Their benchmarks were to look for cities with the most expensive homes, people with the highest incomes, and those who are overly educated in municipalities with at least 5,000 people — which eliminates places like Stone Harbor, Avalon, Deal in Monmouth County, or Alpine, which has countless multi-million dollar mansions.

Home in Alpine NJ
Home in Alpine NJ - Photo: Google Maps

But before we dive in, maybe we should address the elephant in the room which is the stereotype that those in North Jersey find themselves to be far superior to those in South Jersey. Turns out, maybe that's true as not one town in South Jersey is on this list.

From their top 10 list, we'll run down the seven snobbiest...

The top 7 snobbiest towns in New Jersey

As determined by RoadSnacks

Gallery Credit: Chris Coleman

And while those seven cities are considered to be the snobbiest, these cities in New Jersey have the most problems...

The 16 Cities in New Jersey With the Most Problems

Rankings baed on violent crimes per 10,000 people.

Gallery Credit: Chris Coleman