Isn't is romantic when the guy you held the door open for at Wawa walks in, drops to his knee and proposes to a girl right next to the deli quick-grab case?

It's a match made in hoagie-fest heaven!

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6ABC highlighted the story of Joe Sammons who popped the question to his girl, Rio Brodeur inside a Wawa in Mount Laurel.

She said yes, in the same store they met some four years ago.

The story has crossed the social media threshold, and people on Reddit have shared some pretty funny comments:

"Nice! Get engaged and pick up a shorti at the same time!"

"Picked up a shorty while waiting for his shorti!"

"That little spin there was her trying to figure out if she had been expected to hold the door for the next person or not."

"It’s a South Jersey thing, the rest of the world wouldn’t understand."

"When my wife and I were getting some engagement pictures taken, circa 2008, we stopped at a Wawa in Medford and used the stone wall next to the trash can as a backdrop to one of our favorite pictures."

Finally, when someone suggested that Wawa should cater the couple's rehearsal dinners, someone else replied:

"You know how many couples who met while the bride was in PJ pants, crying on the curb outside of Wawa would try to take advantage of this deal?"

SOURCES: 6ABC and Reddit.

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