This one's for all of you avid fisherpeople.

You've definitely been there, right? You've got a pretty good catch on the line, but then for one reason or another, you can't reel it in and it gets away? For me, it's always because I either let the fish take the hook too far or I don't pull back hard enough for the fish to remain on my line. Either way, it's not a good feeling when we let one get away.

A viral TikTok video that, as a lot of them do, eventually found its way onto Facebook, almost depicts just that, but this guy got lucky. He wasn't able to secure the fish on the line, but luckily, he was fishing along a beach (of some sort). The angler literally dove into the water in an attempt to stop the fish from getting away. He dug around and was able to capture the fish with his bare hands.

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His happy dance that he did after realizing he actually caught the dang thing had the internet howling. He breaks out into his celebration dance not once, but twice, and everyone with him can't stop laughing.

Honestly, if you were able to secure a fish that size that you initially thought was going to get away, guess what? You'd probably do a happy dance, too.

Check out the video below:

You can't help but laugh, right?

Source: Facebook

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