Is a Bigfoot alive and well and living in New Jersey's Pine Barrens?

One man thinks so. He says he heard and smelled a Bigfoot while camping.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Man claims to have had an encounter with Bigfoot near Great Egg Harbor River

A witness says he was camping outside of Berlin, New Jersey when a Bigfoot came within a couple feet of his tent.

The encounter reportedly happened back in December of 2014 and was first reported to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization in 2019 - but, details have only recently been published on the organization's website,

The witness, identified only as Mark K., says he was homeless at the time, living in a tent near an under-construction development when his encounter occurred.

Mark says he had set up a "stealth camping site" and it was there that he heard and smelled what he later determined was a Bigfoot.

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Photo by Noriely Fernandez on Unsplash
Photo by Noriely Fernandez on Unsplash

Coyotes were in the area regularly

Mark says coyotes usually gathered near his tent each evening at about 8:30 pm. "They would fight, howl, and run around doing god knows what for a few hours before finally heading into the deep woods. They didn’t seem to be scared of me being there and they never gave me any trouble but I would sleep with a 26-inch full tang short sword in my hand each night just in case."

Mark says on the night of his encounter the coyotes were doing their thing, howling and barking when they suddenly went quiet and ran away into some deeper woods.

It was then that Mark noticed a terrible smell from his tent. "I was laying on my back ready to fall asleep when an unbelievably powerful stench filled my tent. It was BAD, I mean REAL bad. It was a mixture of unpleasant aromas....... a combination between really nasty B.O., feces, skunk, and most of all smelly feet."

Mark says the smell overwhelmed him so much that he got out of his tent. It was then that he heard footsteps - like those of a man - moving through the woods. He says he made a loud sound, and "'It' took 2 steps back and then let out a long, very deep and terrifying growl............ My blood ran cold. I gripped my blade tightly and poised for some kind of attack."

Just then, whatever it was turned and walked away, further into the woods. "I could hear it’s two-legged footsteps crunching through the leaves....... Getting further and further away until it was gone. I started to breathe again........ The putrid stench began to fade."

He says he didn't realize it at the time, but looking back he thinks it was a Bigfoot.

A Bigfoot right here in New Jersey.


SOURCE: Bigfoot Field Research Organization

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