2023 was a crazy year for crazy sightings in South Jersey.

Witnesses reported seeing a Bigfoot in Millville, a black panther in Mays Landing, there were several reports of cougar or mountain lion sightings in the area, and we even saw a deer fly into the back of a pickup truck in Mays Landing.

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Does Bigfoot live in Millville?

In the Millville area, a You Tuber who goes by Man of Light makes videos of his supposed encounters with Bigfoot.

It usually takes a big leap to believe any evidence he usually presents in his videos of actually being Bigfoot.

On one video, though, there appears to be a large dark figure walking near some railroad track. Is it Bigfoot?

Is there a black panther living in Mays Landing?

Back in the spring, Hamilton Township Police addressed rumors of people seeing a black panther running into the woods. Police say what people saw was actually a black dog.

A few months later, though, another witness reported seeing a similar animal crossing the Black Horse Pike.

Yet another witness, this one in Laureldale, also reported seeing something resembling a panther in the woods near her property.

Photo by John Borrelli on Unsplash
Photo by John Borrelli on Unsplash

Are there mountain lions in South Jersey?

One kind of sighting remains pretty consistent in South Jersey - and in North Jersey, too. That is, people reported seeing mountain lions, or cougars.

Over the year, we've received dozens of reports from people claiming to have seen mountain lions. The latest sighting was from Upper Township in Cape May County: a couple reported seeing a mountain lion cross a street as they walked their dog.

Regardless of the amounts of sightings, state wildlife officials continue to contend that there are no mountain lions in New Jersey.

Courtesy of Jay Vaughan
Courtesy of Jay Vaughan

A flying deer in Mays Landing made global news

One sighting that was caught on video was that of a deer leaping into the back of a parked pickup truck in Mays Landing.

The video was viral and was featured around the world.

What strange thing did you see in 2023? Email me: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.

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