Well, Halloween came and went! Hope you and the kids had a wonderfully fun end to spooky season. Time to start planning for next year.

Do you recall the most original Halloween costume you saw this year? Personally, I think parents knocked it out of the park this year. I saw some really creative costumes that showed just how much mom and dad were trying to think outside of the box.

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Some of my favorites this year were Fruit Loops (yes, a kid was dressed as a cereal bowl, the other one was dressed as a Fruit Loops box, and the 3rd girl from their group was dressed as milk), the Magician's Assistant (severed woman) from Beetlejuice, and the most adorable little Rosie The Riveter!

Missy McDonald Surynt via Facebook
Missy McDonald Surynt via Facebook

The costume to take the cake, though, has to be the one of the little girl as the tramcar. Yes, THAT tramcar.

If at the sight of the word, you immediately heard "watch the tramcar, please" in your head, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

A little girl went dressed as the Sightseer tramcar that goes up and down the Wildwood boardwalk every summer. Everything from the paint color down to the font was spot on. By the looks of it, this definitely wasn't one of those costumes that could have been thrown together the night before.

This was so well-though out and executed that it has me wondering whether or not she won any awards for it.

Well, you won our award, girlfriend! Congrats to these parents, too. That's dedication, right there.

Source: Facebook

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