First, it's the Absecon iguana, now this?

Multiple sources have reported seeing what looks like a bearded dragon on the Stockton Campus out in Galloway this week. That doesn't seem suspicious to you? First, the iguana that people kept spotting on the loose in Absecon, now we've got to track down the owners of this little guy.

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He's really cute, though. Take a look at the picture posted to the Galloway-based Facebook group below.

Alex Gihorski via Facebook
Alex Gihorski via Facebook

People really started to get concerned regarding all these reptile sightings in the area recently. For good reason, too. For one, these critters aren't accustomed to this kind of climate. It's not good for them to be out in the elements for too long. That's especially true this week considering it's been nothing but rain for the past few days. Another issue causing alarm is the fact that these things have, most likely, spent their entire lives in a tank. They can't fend for themselves outside.

Why is there a sudden surge of reptiles everywhere down here in Atlantic County. It's definitely odd, wouldn't you say?

The bearded dragon was initially spotted out on the Stockton Disc Golf Course, but luckily has since been taken in by Stockton's own science department. Thank goodness for the good Samaritan who initially shared the news about the little guy being on the loose. If it weren't for that knowledge, the dragon may still be in danger.

At least we can all take a breath and know that the dragon is in good hands now.

If you own a reptile and live in the Garden State, make sure you keep a close eye on that thing. They're escaping left and right lately.

Source: Facebook

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