Who's the goodest boy in all the land? We all think the answer to that question is our own fur babies, right? One special dog from Vineland, Cumberland County, retrieved that tile officially from the folks at the ASPCA.

Everybody, say "hello" to Cole. Isn't he just the cutest?  😍

Cole is a deaf pit bull that was lucky enough to score a second chance at life all thanks to a music teacher from Vineland, Chris Hannah. Hannah apparently recognized just how special Cole was and new that he and his new furry friend were going to work incredibly hard to bring joy and love to so many in Cumberland County.

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According to the ASPCA, Cole is changing the dynamics with the help of his owner, Hannah, through the Team Cole Project. Believe it or not, Cole can understand sign language. Cole is uniting kids will special needs from all over with his special message: Having a disability isn't a disadvantage. They're actually referring to it as a "superpower."

Cole the Pit Bull is a certified therapy dog that's worked at Dr. William Mennies Elementary School for quite a few years now. His mission is to promote what it's like for kids with special needs all while promoting kindness, understanding, and a realization that every single child has value, regardless of their abilities. We're all different, right? We're all unique! That's what Cole helps both children and adults keep in mind each and every day.

Quite a beautiful mission Cole's been on for the last few years, wouldn't you say? After hearing that story, how can you think there's any other dog more deserving of that title?

Congratulations on being named "Dog Of The Year," Cole! Keep up the good work! For now, it's New Jersey. Then, beyond!

Source: ASPCA.org

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