How much do you love the Fightin's? Of course, I'm referring to the Philadelphia Phillies! Baseball's been back for a while, and if you're a fan, you're invested once again in how far the Phils will be able to take us this season.

The Phillies are now giving you yet another reason to fall in love with the team. This little guy, though, won't be stealing any bases this season. Nope. Here's the thing; we can't guarantee that he won't steal your heart.

Phillies fam, say "hello" to Major! Isn't he SO CUTE? 

Major is a 10-week-old Labrador puppy that's currently a service dog-in-training. When he's all grown up (or at least done with his training), he'll take on the job of service dog to a veteran with various disabilities.

As you can see from his first appearance at Citizens Bank Park, he and the Phillie Phanatic are already best pals. No doubt, the Phanatic already thinks Major's the best boy to ever take that field. We can't lie, he's definitely the most adorable.

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According to, Major is part of a brand-new initiative that was formed between Warrior Canine Connection and Team Foster. Both are non-profits that help out disabled veterans by connecting them with service animals. No doubt, we have plenty in the area that could benefit from this kind of companion.

The new service dog initiative was adopted by the Phillies organization thanks to what refers to as a "Phillies charity grant."

No doubt, Major's going to be the most popular Phillie of the season.


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