Let's first look at the number of cars on Jersey roads. According to Statista "There are about 2 and a half million registered cars on the roads in New Jersey." That is a lot considering we are a smaller state. Number one in America is California, which has about 14 million cars on the road. The Garden State ranks 13th in automobiles in America.


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So let's break down the numbers here in New Jersey and look at the towns with the highest numbers of accidents in the Garden State. According to an article from Elmer's Auto Body, "Population Seems To Be The Biggest Factor" It is no surprise that the towns/cities with the larger amounts of drivers have more accidents.


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This Town Is The Worst For Automobile Accidents In New Jersey

According to Elmer's Auto Body, the town with the most accidents is Newark, New Jersey. Newark has approximately 10,000 accidents a year.

  • Newark (10,156 accidents)
  • Jersey City (7,962 accidents)
  • Elizabeth (4,335 accidents)
  • East Orange (2,655 accidents)
  • Linden (2,266 accidents)
  • New Brunswick (1,738 accidents)
  • Mount Laurel (1,713 accidents)
  • Sayreville (1,634 accidents)
  • West Orange (1,564 accidents)
  • South Plainfield (1,018 accidents)

So in conclusion, if you drive in the Garden State it would appear that you have the highest chance of an accident in Newark. Jersey City would be second and Elizabeth would be third.


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Which New Jersey Counties Have The Most Auto Accidents?

  • Hudson County (198,000 accidents)
  • Essex County (34,800 accidents)
  • Bergen County (15,700 accidents)
  • Passaic (17,300 accidents)


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