There are many versions of this so I claim no creativity in presenting it to you.  It is simply a version I read on Facebook and with editing for time restraints I now present “You Know You’re From Jersey When.” Actually if you were born and raised here it should be titled “You Know You’re From North Jersey When”:

  • You don’t think of fruit when people mention “The Oranges.”
  • You know it’s really called Great Adventure, not Six Flags.
  • You’ve known the way to Seaside Heights since you were seven.
  • At least 3 people in your family still love Bruce, and you know the town Jon Bon Jovi is from.
  • You know what a “jug handle” is.
  • You know that Wawa is a convenience store.
  • You know how to properly negotiate a traffic circle.
  • You know this is the only “New” state that doesn’t require “New” to identify it (try Mexico, York, Hampshire…doesn’t work, does it?).
  • You know that people from the 609 area code are a little different. Yes they are!
  • You live within 20 minutes of at least three different malls.
  • Every year you have at least one kid in your class named Tony.
  • You know the location of just about every clip shown in the Sopranos opening credits.
  • You know that people from North Jersey go to Seaside Heights, people from Central Jersey go to LBI, and people from South Jersey go to Wildwood.
  • You don’t consider Camden to actually be part of the state.
  • You’ve had a boardwalk cheese streak and vinegar fries.
  • You start planning for Memorial Day Weekend in February.
  • And you’ve never, ever had to pump your own gas.

NJ street fairs return for the 2023 fall season

All New Jersey street fairs are listed in date order. Please note that some dates may have passed for the fall season.