Well based on your response, you enjoy reading about beautiful small towns here in New Jersey to visit. Hopefully, you can take some of the posts I have written about "cozy" little Jersey towns and put them on a list of places to explore. If you have a handful of these tiny towns you will have plenty of day trips to do with your friends and family.


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Personally, I enjoy traveling to other towns. I love where we live but it's nice to get away and see some new sights, even if just for a couple of hours. A perfect way to get your steps in, fresh air, new places to explore, and grab some cool pics. Obviously, we love snapping photos whenever we head out, so if that's fun for you too, then these day trips can be a great way to find some great photos. You can always share pics from adventures with us, and send your photos through the 92.7 WOBM App. It's easy to upload and shoot them over to us.



According to Pure Wow, number two on their list of small towns in New Jersey to visit is in Middlesex County. Cranbury was ranked second and is a cute little town just a short ride from here in Jersey.


"With quiet cobblestoned sidewalks, a handsome brick-facade town hall, and the historic Cranbury Inn—which has been operational in some form since the 1750s—it’s easy to see why visitors are completely spellbound by this charming Central New Jersey town. If you’re partial to the outdoors, there’s also a very idyllic nature preserve, Plainsboro Nature Preserve, within quick driving distance."

Have you ever visited Cranbury? Please give us your reviews and let us know what you thought of the cozy small town in Jersey. Post your reviews below :)


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