In July of 1979 I was 23 years old, single and had a little wild side to me which is why I was wondering how I would fit in at WOBM.  It was a very traditional and conservative radio station whose owners had a vested interest in being part of the community and not having anyone upset the apple cart.  My plan was to stay for a couple of years and then move on…maybe to ESPN.  So much for plans.

Today is my unofficial last day as next week I will be taking care of the WOBM Christmas Classic at the RWJBarnabas Health Arena. This is the last regularly scheduled edition of the Hometown View, something I have done for almost 27 years.  I figure I have done more than 8,000 segments over that time…some serious, some frivolous, some may have made you laugh and a few might have brought tears to your eyes.

Just about everything good that has happened in my life took place while I was working at WOBM.  I was co-hosting the morning show when both my children were born at the old Point Pleasant Hospital.  I even called in live when my daughter was born wearing scrubs and waiting to go into the delivery room…or was it my son?  Not sure but it was one of them.

It would be foolish to even try to acknowledge all of the people who have played a positive role in my journey here.  If I worked with you then “thank you” and if I worked for you…well you know who you are.  I have been truly blessed to have made many friends through this radio station…coaches, athletes, advertisers and listeners.

Finally a note to my wife Jane.  For most of my career here I was up early in the morning and covering high school games at night while working crazy hours.  You made that life possible and I will be forever grateful.  Now it’s on to something else but listeners take notice.  You will hear my voice from time to time.

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