We think of New Jersey and we know it's all about our diners.

My favorite is breakfast at a diner. I love weekends and family time at our favorite diner. Is it the specialty pancakes, the sausage gravy, or the eggs? Diner food at breakfast, lunch, or dinner is always the best.

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Where is the oldest diner in New Jersey?

The oldest diner in New Jersey is in Bergen County. The Dumont Chrystal Diner is said to be built around 1928, according to northjersey.com. WOW, almost 95 years old and it hasn't had many renovations, either from what I read. Just incredible.

A couple of other diners that are close, but not as old are Amy's Omelette House, formerly the Burlington Diner and Plum on Park, formerly the Park Street Diner in Montclair. Both of these diners were said to be built in the early 1930's, thanks to northjersey.com.

The oldest diner in New Jersey is still open. The Dumont Chrystal Diner is located at 45 West Madison Avenue in Dumont, NJ. Their hours are 5 am - 3 pm every day, except Sundays, they open at 7 am - 3 pm.

There is something about heading into a diner with a lot of memorabilia. The memories of the years and years of food that was served there. The laughs, the families that came in for a milkshake, or the kids that came in after a local football game. These are the diners that make you feel at "home".

These are the little tidbits that I love to find out about this great state of ours. Let me know if you've been to Dumont Chrystal, I'd love to hear about it.

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