Could it be the return of the iconic "blue" Jersey license plates? I call it the "blue plate special" lol According to, legislation is active again to possibly bring back the plates. There are still some hurdles, but if all goes well it could be the start of issuing the "blue" plates once again.


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There is a move to bring back the old "blue" plates for drivers here in the Garden State. The classic "blue plate special" was in service from 1979 to 1992. In fact, it was the first license plate I ever had when I started driving in 1983 until the current plates came out.


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These "blue" plates bring me back to those early days of driving and my first car lol a 1974 Dodge Dart complete with well nothing lol. The car had no heat, no gas gauge, and actually no engine to start when I got it. Oh yeah the seat was broken too and it was a two-door, so it made for a tricky time when someone had to sit in the back. It was a real "chick magnet" as they used to say back in the day lol


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According to, "An application for issuance of the blue plates would be accompanied by a $50 fee and an annual $10 fee. Additional fees collected during this process would be deposited into the state's Special Transportation Fund, which finances New Jersey transportation projects."


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Would You get the classic "blue" plates if they bring them back? Let us know what you think of these old plates, I like to call them "the blue plate special". Post your comments below.


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