The other day I was on the social media platform X (formally Twitter) and someone posted something like “what would life be without sports.”  I scrolled right past it but later started thinking about the subject.

For me personally it would mean a very different career.  I have spent most of my 44 years working for WOBM and the company that owns it very much engaged in the local sports arena.  I would have gone in another direction without sports because growing up that was all I really cared about.

Can you imagine what life would be without sports?  There would be no Friday Night High School Football or Saturdays and Sundays filled with college and pro football.  No soccer, no basketball or wrestling in the winter.  There would not be a Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, Heisman Trophy or Final Four, World Cup, WOBM Christmas Classic, Kentucky Derby and no World Series which would make Phillies fans happy.  Actually there would not be any baseball fans because baseball would not exist.

No sports, no WOBM CC

Sports for all its faults (and there are many) are what has shaped the lives of many, including yours truly.  My best memories from high school were being part (a small part) of a great football team and passion for my favorite teams has led to incredible highs…and yes some bitter lows.  Sports does teach you valuable lessons you can use in life like getting along with others, picking yourself up when you fall down and learning to accept not everything goes your way.

Next to my family sports is the biggest part of my life and will stay that way until the end…that is MY end because sports will never disappear.

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