I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with the interests of the average person who lives in Ocean County.  Let me rephrase that a bit.  What are the main concerns people have today?  Is it things we might see on the news like the debt crisis, the war in Ukraine, or the upcoming Presidential Election?  Sure many may have a passing interest in these but the bottom line is most people when asked would probably mention things that directly impact them.

If they have children you would probably hear a lot about schools and education.  Of course safety is always an issue and that would be paramount with many.  Whether it’s safety in school or while playing outside with friends it is more a concern than ever before and that includes the rampant instances of bullying.

Of course there are many others and again I believe most of us think local before global.  Terrorism is always a concern but would rank behind fixing roads when it comes to the average person.  While the migrant situation deeply impacts some cities those living in parts of Ocean County are considerably more aware and worried over the changes in the demographics of their own neighborhoods.

Finances and health are two topics that will always come up.  Without much industry many in our area have to travel to work to earn the kind of income needed to support their family.  That means long days and added stress, a tough combination.  Affordable and good health benefits are more challenging than ever and a major sickness can just about ruin a family financially.

I could go on and on…young adults having to move back home to save money, high taxes, bad drivers, drugs, you name it.  I’m sure if you asked enough people about their biggest concerns you would get some who would mention getting Taylor Swift tickets for the upcoming weekend or finding out if Ariana Madix is returning to Vanderpump Rules.

 Just trying to bring a little levity to an otherwise serious subject.

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