What is Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace?

First, let's talk about Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace. From the first look, it seems to be an Italian "Trader Joe's"—a wonderful marketplace dedicated to delicious Italian cooking. Different foods and tastes that are committed to serving delicious Italian dishes. From gnocchi to cannolis, Uncle Guiseppe's seems to have it all. It seems the closest Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace is located in Monmouth County in Tinton Falls.


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   (Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace via Instagram)


Are The Rumors True About Uncle Giuseppe's Coming To Toms River?

  First I want to say that this idea of Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace coming to Toms River is at this point "hear-say" to me. I have had people reach out to me to ask if the "rumors" are true that Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace may be coming to the former Foodtown location next to Kohl's off Route 37 in Toms River. This location has sat empty for several years now and "rumors" are Uncle Giuseppe's might be coming. I have reached out to the company but have not heard back. Personally, I love the idea. We have wanted something like Trader Joe's and this would definitely fit the bill, with an Italian twist.  

(Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace via Instagram)


So what do you think about this idea? Do you like the idea of putting Uncle Giuseppe's Martketplace in the now empty former Foodtown location in Toms River? Post your comments below and let us know what you think. If we hear back and get any official word, we will pass that along to you. Have you shopped at Uncle Giuseppe's? Give us your review.


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