The warmer weather is coming and of course that means yard sales and town-wide yard sales. I just have to tell you, I love a good yard sale.

Something about warmer weather and longer days makes people want to throw open the windows and spend hours deep cleaning and decluttering their homes.

That aftermath is what we like to call “garage sale season.” April, May and June are full of opportunities to treasure hunt after people with initiative have taken the time to declutter.

I always say, let's have a yard sale and we never get it together, maybe this year. We always have stuff we want to get rid of, why not sell it.

There is some really good stuff out there. We find some great treasures every yard sale season. What is the saying? "One man's junk is another man's treasure." I totally agree.

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The 5 Items You Should Never Buy at a New Jersey Yard Sale

These are the top 5 things you should stay away from even if the price is right, according to experts.

#1 - Mattresses - I'm not sure if I'd ever buy a used mattress. Just what if, they have bed bugs? And, plus maybe stains and odors you do not want to bring into your house.

#2 - Car Seats - Car seats come with an expiration date, please be careful with this one. I'm sure it's possible you've gotten a hand-me-down car seat from someone you may know, that's different than buy a complete strangers.

#3 - Cosmetics - Ladies, I'd stay away from the used cosmetics. They have an expiration date on them and who knows if they've been used.

#4 - Running Shoes - Shoes are one thing, and at local thrift stores I find some good shoes, maybe I shouldn't buy them. But, running shoes are a big "no no" the experts say because of the sweat and the wetness with your running. It's different than just wearing shoes. Running shoes are different. Be careful when checking out running shoes.

#5 - Non-Stick Pots and Pans - Well, this one makes us question if it’s time to throw out the pans at our own home. Bob Vila’s website reveals that the coating that makes your omelets and pancakes slide so nicely onto a turner wears off in about three to five years. I am honestly thinking, did I ever buy any pots or pans at a yard sale, I think I might have.

There are a couple of other items you should really think about at New Jersey yard sales: cribs and bike helmets, also. Try not to buy these items used.

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