Where Were You When Friday's Earthquake Took Place?

We had so many listeners reach out and tell us where they were when the earthquake took place here in New Jersey on Friday. The quake centered in the town of Tewksbury, New Jersey. Tewksbury is located in Hunterdon County. Friday's quake registered 4.8 on the Richter Scale. Here are some of the comments you sent in via social media:

Pamela: "Thought garbage trucks, Naval base or the new home construction. Was wrong on all 3."

Gail:  "Beachwood, the house Rocked Big Time! We are ok."

George: "Was watching my TV screen shake on its' stand here in Tinton Falls. Memories of the Aug. 2011 quake."

Ricky: "Manahawkin NJ shook the whole house"

Linda: "Our house shook in Wall Township!"

As I mentioned yesterday I was actually recording an interview in our Downtown Toms River Studios when the building shook and it was definitely the strongest earthquake I have ever felt. But how did it rank as far as the most severe earthquakes in our area in recorded history?


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TOP 5 Earthquakes In History For The New Jersey Area

  • August 10th, 1884  Measured 5.2 - Greater NYC Area
  • December 19th, 1737 Measured 5.2 - Greater NYC Area
  • November 30th, 1783 Measured 4.9 - North Central New Jersey
  • April 5th, 2024 Measured 4.8 - Tewksbury, New Jersey 
  • September 9th, 1848 Measured 4.4 - Greater NYC



There were some reports of a second earthquake yesterday in the Bedminster area in Somerset County, but no word on that. An aftershock was reported in the New Jersey area around 6 pm Friday night, did you feel that one? Post your comments below.






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