The Evolution Of Gas Station Food

I think 20 years ago if you mentioned "gas station food" the word "best" would not be an adjective for the cuisine lol I just wouldn't have considered a gas station as a place to get food. First, It was a small convenience store at the gas station with cigarettes, candy, soda, and a restroom. Now the gas stations of today have all kinds of food. Sandwiches, soup, salads, desserts, coffee, pizza, fried chicken, ice cream, etc.


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NJ's Best Gas Station Food

According to Patch, "Garden State gas station chain QuickChek serves up some of the best gas station food in America, earning the No. 7 spot on the USA Today list."


Best Gas Station Food in America

According to a recent Patch article, USA Today listed their TOP 10 Best Gas Station Food. Gas Stations from all over the nation, including New Jersey.

No. 10: Buc-ee's

No. 9: QuikTrip

No. 8: Weigel's

No. 7: QuickChek

No. 6: Maverik

No. 5: TravelCenters of America

No. 4: Rutter's

No. 3: Kwik Trip

No. 2: Casey's

No. 1: Royal Farms


Gas Station Food



According to Patch, “With a food counter serving soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and seasonal dishes, as well as a bakery that sells a variety of baked goods, such as their signature cookies, QuickChek aims to redefine ‘fresh convenience,’”


Who do you think has the best gas station food? Why was Wawa and 7-11 not on the list? Post your comments below and let us know what you think. We always love getting your feedback (Pun Intended)


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