Is this your Mom?  Could this even be you?

Summer is wrapping up in a couple of weeks, and I thought it'd be fun to reminisce on one of my favorite TikTok videos: "Jersey Shore Mom Goes to the Beach" by user hashtagkarenag2.   Especially since this may be many of our moms (or even you reading this).

Jersey Shore Moms are like no other, and I think this TikTok perfectly sums up what makes them so special.

Everything about this video is absolutely perfect. Remember when you finally set foot on the beach as a kid, and all you wanted to do was run into the water? I felt like I was watching my own Mom say "NUH UH UH" as she pulled me back and applied sunscreen (which felt like the longest 2 minutes and 15 seconds of my life) before I was finally able to enjoy the ocean.

Let's not forget lunchtime - our Moms always packed the goods (sandwiches, bagels, snacks, waters), but our ungrateful selves just wanted some boardwalk pizza (who could blame us?)

What's my favorite part of the video you ask? "YOU FOUND A SEASHELL? WOW!" Replace the "wow" with "how nice," and you've got my Jersey Mom.

Speaking of my Mom, I sent this video to her and she thought it was on point - the only thing she said it's missing was "DON'T GO TOO DEEP IN THE WATER!"

I remember the last time I shared this, some people got upset that it played into the "stereotypes" of Jersey moms, but I really think it highlights everything that makes Moms at the Jersey Shore so special.

So sit back and enjoy the Jersey Shore Mom heading to the beach!

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