Peace and quiet, I think we all look for that in our community we live in.

This peaceful hidden gem is at the northern part of New Jersey. It's not far from New York City.

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Just because it's close to NYC doesn't mean it has to feel like New York City. If you speak to residents in this peaceful town, New York City is millions of miles of away.

What town in New Jersey is the most peaceful?

It's Mahwah. Mahwah has a population of around 26,000 people, according to, but still a small-town feel.

Credit: Google Maps/Google Street View
Credit: Google Maps/Google Street View

In this peaceful setting there are beautiful areas for hiking and great things to do anytime of the year.

PapaBear, Getty Stock ThinkStock
PapaBear, Getty Stock ThinkStock

A little bit about Mahwah, from the Mahwah website, it's 26.7 square mile suburban community with the picturesque Ramapo Mountains, the crystal clear Ramapo River, and Ramapo College.

The gorgeous New York City Skyline is is seen from Mahwah.

When we are in Seaside Heights on the boardwalk Friday mornings in the summer, we meet people from all over the state. This family we always see is from Mahwah and they always tell us how beautiful it is. They have a house in Lavallette and love this area of the Jersey Shore, but they've always said Mahwah is the most gorgeous place in New Jersey.

I'll have to take a drive north to check this little charming town out.

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