If you like burgers, and most do, and you want a BIG burger then this post is just for you because it's all about some of the biggest burgers in New Jersey. Not only big burgers but delicious "big" burgers. Let's face it, just because they are big doesn't mean they are gonna be good.


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For me, I enjoy a good old-fashioned burger with cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle. Just a dab of ketchup, don't get crazy with the ketchup. One thing I do like is a good bun. Real bread, not a fake skimpy bun. For me, a bad bun can ruin a burger lol



According to Only In Your State, their choice for the best "massive" burger joint in Jersey is Tony Beef in Galloway. "This classic institution, owned by two brothers who also have a second location in Somers Point, is best known for its massive and creative burgers with just about every topping combo you can imagine. Stretch out those jaw muscles – you’ll need them!"


I have not been to Tony Beef, but it is definitely on my list of places to go. They also do cheesesteaks and grilled cheese as well. I noticed on their website they have a nice milkshake too.


According to their website "Tony Beef is owned and operated by a pair of brothers, Nick and Anthony Della Vecchia. Since they were kids, it was always their dream to open a restaurant together." If you have visited Tony Beef, give us your review and let us know what you thought. Post your comments below.


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