The Best Desserts In America

We have some extra amazing desserts that people love all across the nation. Some of the best desserts in the world perhaps. put together a list of the best desserts in each of the 50 states. For example, our neighbors to the west in Pennsylvania choose chocolate chip cookies for the best dessert. "The original Hershey's chocolate factory was founded in Lancaster, PA in 1894, which is one possible explanation as to why the chocolate chip cookie is the state dessert of Pennsylvania." Can you guess which dessert for our neighbors to the north? If you guessed "New York Cheesecake" then you would be right! Ever wonder what the best dessert in Hawaii is? Probably not, but in case you have, it's Haupia. Now you're asking what is haupia. It's best described as a type of coconut pudding.


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What Is The Best Dessert In New Jersey?

According to, the best dessert in the Garden State is, a drum roll please, coffee cake! "If you walk into an NJ bakery, you will most likely find Crumb Cake being displayed due to this scrumptious dessert originating in Germany, and the Garden State having a large German population." 


Crumb Cake


So this brings up a fun discussion. What do you call it? I call this dessert, "coffee cake". In the article, it's listed as "crumb cake". So how about you, what do you call it? Are there any other names? Give us your choice and post your comments below.


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