When it came to sharing your frustrations about local drivers, you did not hold back.

Driving is a necessary evil.  It feels like a rarity to be able to drive to a destination without complaining about someone else on the road.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  I reached out to the Overheard in Brick Facebook Group to find out what you think are the most annoying habits of Ocean County drivers, and boy - you did not hold back.  The post has 38 comments, and counting!

In fact, the most popular response to that question was simply "drive."   And while I couldn't include every single comment in this post, most of them were really good points.

But if so many of us clearly share the same frustrations about driving, why can't we get it together and drive better?

You'll find that most of the people's driving gripes were about simple common courtesy habits.  If we could all do these small things while on the road, we'd all have an easier time driving.  And that could be better for our overall health since research shows driving under stress can increase your blood pressure!

At least everyone was able to get a good healthy vent (and laugh) out about what bothers them most about Ocean County drivers.  I found myself nodding in agreement with pretty much everything that was listed.

Did your biggest pet peeves about Ocean County make the list?  Take a look and use the app chat feature to let me know what your biggest problems with Ocean County drivers are!

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When it comes to sharing the annoying habits of Ocean County, NJ drivers, you did not hold back

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