It's something I look for and since I'm spoiled by having a pool in my backyard.

We pay for the beaches here in New Jersey so I always think, they better be clean. We do have clean beaches here in NJ.

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But when looking for that clear water in the Atlantic, do we have that?

Not always, like the Caribbean waters. The water always looks clear and a blue-green color. It's the water you can always see your feet in them. Not here in New Jersey, I can't see my feet in the water.

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Believe it or not we have some of the cleanest beaches in America. But, what about the clearest water.

Where is the clearest water here at the Jersey Shore?

According to, Stone Harbor has the clearest water at the 96th Street Beach in Cape May County.

The little Jersey Shore town has less than 1,000 residents that live there full-time. Summer vacationers are a different story, over 20,000 people call this their favorite vacation spot in New Jersey.

There is no boardwalk in Stone Harbor, but Ocean City is not far away.

So the clearest water is in Stone Harbor on the 96th Street Beach, where are the cleanest beaches in New Jersey? From "40th Street beach in Avalon, Sea Isle City at 40th Street, Upper Township at Webster Road, Wildwood Crest at Orchid, Margate at Washington, Point Pleasant Beach, and this gem 96th Street Beach in Stone Harbor."

Have you been to Stone Harbor and the 96th Street Beach?

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