Should Cell Phones Be Banned At School?


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Lawmakers in Kentucky are considering legislation that would ban cell phones from the classroom. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, "No TikTok, texting in class: KY bill would prohibit cell phones during school instruction. Kentucky students would be forbidden from using personal cellphones during instruction, except during an emergency or if told to do so by a teacher “for an instructional purpose,” under a bill introduced in the General Assembly."


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Looking at the verbiage in the proposed Kentucky cell phone bill, it appears to me that children would be allowed to bring their phones but would have to turn them off when in class. I assume it would be up to teachers to make sure no one uses the phones in class unless there's an emergency or they are instructed to for class work.


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Personally, I am for a cell phone ban. Until only recently we did not have this big of a  distraction in our schools. Kids do NOT need their phones in the classroom, so this should be a rule in New Jersey schools. Nothing productive is being done during class when it comes to phones unless the teacher wants them implemented into the work they are doing. NO Power on during class.


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The kids will still have their phones with them, turned off, but if there is an emergency or the teacher instructs them, they will be able to power up. I assume they will have access during recess/lunch or after school. So this looks to me like a no-brainer. In-class phones off, simple right? Post your comments below and did you select a choice (above) in our online poll?


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TikTok: 58%

Snapchat: 51%

Instagram: 47%

Facebook: 19%


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