New Jersey Will Host The 2026 World Cup Final

The soccer world is coming to New Jersey for the biggest game of the year in 2026, the FIFA World Cup Final! It is the biggest sporting event of the year and eyes around the world will be looking at New Jersey.


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How many viewers does FIFA World Cup have?

According to the Athletic, "Here's how FIFA formally termed its audience total for the 2023 World Cup championship match: “The final achieved a global reach of close to 1.5 billion viewers (up from 1.12 billion in 2018).” 40 million (outside U.S.) 1.5 billion."
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It was announced the FIFA World Cup Final 2026 will be played in East Rutherford at MetLife Stadium. In an article, "Gov. Phil Murphy was among the first to spread the stunning announcement from the worldwide soccer body that the East Rutherford venue will host the tournament’s final game. "As a lifelong soccer fan, I am thrilled to announce that the FIFA World Cup 2026 Final will be hosted by New Jersey and New York City! See you in 2026!,” Murphy posted on X, formerly Twitter."


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When my son Zach was competing in soccer, we would go to the old Giants Stadium to watch the then Metrostars, who today are the New York Red Bulls. We enjoyed games there, but nothing like what it will be like in 2026 when the World Cup comes to New Jersey and the championship game will be played in the Garden State. According to "In all, MetLife will host eight games in the tournament, Murphy and FIFA said. The tournament starts June 11, 2026. FIFA awarded Mexico City the tournament opener."


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