If you are stressed, or downright unhappy, it is very easy to not smile.

Now, if you get pulled over and given a ticket, there is no chance at all you are smiling.

New Jersey, like many other states, has some very interesting laws that are still 'technically' laws as we speak.  When you read through some of these, including the one we are questioning, I cannot imagine some of these laws being enforced in 2022.  It’s the age of the internet.  Right?  I would go on and say that you should be pretty safe doing these today.  (I would like to say ‘obviously’ but we are living in strange times.)

Dawn McDonald, unsplash
Dawn McDonald, unsplash

One of the many laws in the Garden State that seem very outdated is one that you see regularly.  You cannot pump your own gas.  This is an ongoing debate.

Can the good people of New Jersey hop out of their vehicles and pump their gas?  In the same breath, I’m not going to complain, on a cold winter’s day or night, I’m glad it is not me.

Living in multiple states through my twenties and thirties, there is a level of convenience to jump out of your vehicle and pumping.

Then again, I remind myself about wintertime in New Jersey.

This one really stuck out.  Ever wonder why you cannot go and buy your dream car on a Sunday?  Yes, because it is illegal to do so.

Tim Mssholder, Unsplash
Tim Mssholder, Unsplash
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So, what about “frowning” at a police officer?  This could be folklore, and this was even featured on a law office of Joseph Rutigliano website, but apparently, it is against the law to “frown” at a police officer.

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