I stumbled upon an article from Country Living that had a cute theme. The best "sweet small towns" in New Jersey. Towns that would make a good setting for a Hallmark Movie. I know how much many of you that listen to our show love their Hallmark, so this is a very relatable theme.


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Google Maps - Princeton, NJ
Google Maps - Princeton, NJ



I'm sure we all have towns that we would nominate for the "sweet small towns" of New Jersey. I'm sure our list would be different from Country Living, but let's take a look at the list they came up with, maybe some towns for you to investigate here in the Garden State.


Google Maps - Cranford, NJ
Google Maps - Cranford, NJ


Top 30 "Sweet Small Towns" according to Country Living:

  1. Westfield
  2. Princeton
  3. Cranford
  4. Madison
  5. Cape May
  6. Morristown
  7. Montclair
  8. Chatham
  9. Ridgewood
  10. Summit
  11. Spring Lake
  12. Clinton
  13. Stone Harbor
  14. Hoboken
  15. Asbury Park
  16. Chester
  17. Frenchtown
  18. Ocean City
  19. Stockton
  20. Jersey City
  21. Lambertville
  22. Avalon
  23. Colts Neck
  24. Wildwood Crest
  25. Newark & Belleville
  26. Millburn
  27. West Cape May
  28. Tenafly
  29. Point Pleasant
  30. Bay Head


As I said You may have a different list from Country Living and if you want to post your choices below please do so, we always love getting your input.


Google Maps - Madison, NJ
Google Maps - Madison, NJ



This list though is a nice cross-section of Jersey towns. Some are beach towns, some are in the hills, some are more urban, and some are very suburban. What town would you pick for your Hallmark Movie? Here are some good recommendations for you to look over. Also, you may wanna plan a few day trips to see some of these picturesque towns.


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