When you think of novelty candy, what types do you think of?

The iconic Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Push Pops, etc. I think of my all-time favorites the wax with the juice inside, crazy how old they are and they still sell them.

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These are just some of the novelty candies that this New Jersey Candy Distributor. They send candy throughout the country from the Northeast to across the country.

Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock ThinkStock

As I read more about this candy distributor, I can't get over the iconic candies that they stock up on, the candy buttons (remember them). It's crazy, I'm thinking back to how many years ago I ate them. Maybe I was 10, when I last had them.

Did you know that the oldest candy distributor is right here in New Jersey. The oldest in the country is in Pennsauken, NJ, Casani Candy Company, America's Oldest Candy Distributor.

I love this little bit of history from their website:

When Milton Hershey decided to make a chocolate bar in 1903, he asked Casani Candy Co. to handle its distribution throughout Philadelphia. Casani became the Hershey bars first customer… When Henry Heide invented Juicy Fruits in 1869, he counted on Casani as well.

After generations and generations from Casani Candy Company:

The Lees family is proud to be guiding “America’s Oldest Candy Distributor” into its 158th year!

For more information about this candy wholesaler, click here.

What was that candy you loved when you were a kid? Bazooka gum was always a fan favorite, also.

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