We have so many outdoor, fun places in Ocean County and the Jersey Shore.

We are so lucky to have so many beautiful walking trails and parks so close to us.

According to niche.com, Lacey Township is one of the best places at the Jersey Shore to get outside and enjoy.

I love that I see Lacey Township on the list. One of the most fun spots in Lacey is Gille Park. Gille Park is in Forked River with a great walking trail, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball and softball, a park and so much more.

Lacey Township is home to many parks and beaches, including Cedar Creek Beach, Bamber Beach, and more. It's not just Gille Park in Lacey, there is Hebrew Park, Clune Park, and Huffy Wallis Park.

Along with the parks and beaches, Lacey Township has lots of extras to check out like sports and other events. Click here for Lacey Recreation.

Living in Bayville, I'm in Lacey a lot. It's our closest Walmart and other stores that Bayville does not have. Lacey also has a lot more eating options than some other surrounding towns.

It was a hot week so far, but I still took my walk at Gille. There are trees on the path to cool down, a little bit with.

Lacey Township has a lot to offer including being one of the best places to get outdoors at the Jersey Shore.

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