This was not the original plan.  When I announced three weeks ago that I was retiring from WOBM/Townsquare Media I really meant it.  While I would do a couple of things for them moving forward the only time my voice would be heard is when airing the Student of the Week feature on Mondays throughout the school year.  Well things have changed slightly.

With encouragement from management and support from my friends at The Causeway Family of Dealerships you will be able to hear and read me each Friday during a weekly edition of “The Hometown View.”  Once a week at 6:35 & 7:35 I will interrupt Shawn & Sue and your morning with my often annoying voice.  As always it will be my 2-minute take on something, anything that is on my mind.  This will allow me to remain a small part of a radio station that has been my home for more than 44 years.

By the way I have been pretty clear that there is a next chapter for me and that will begin as early as next week.  If all goes well I’ll be able to share with you then…like pro athletes do when leaving for another team I will announce where I am taking by talents to.  Man that sounds egotistical so let’s drop that.

A quick word about the Causeway Family of Dealerships which includes Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan and Lincoln.  The Wintrode Family has more than 50 years in the car business and they continue to make a difference in the lives of many through their Causeway CARes program which offers resources and support to various non-profit, local and community-based organizations throughout Ocean County.  Personally they are my friends and partners and I’m glad they’ll be with me on the weekly edition of the Hometown View.

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