• The Bachelor is at the very least a pretty good TV show with plenty of drama and intrigue. Yes it’s a bit trashy…ok very trashy but I found this season very entertaining. I spent Mondays the last couple of months watching with my wife and I told Jane weeks ago that Kelsey would be the one at the end although I was rooting for Daisy.  If you think less of me for watching that’s your problem not mine.
  • If I had to do it over again I would have asked my father to take me for golf lessons when I was a kid. I should have done the same for my son.
  • For many professions a college degree is a must. But more and more we are realizing it is not mandatory for someone to be successful.
  • As a follow-up. Colleges and Universities should be investigated for what they are charging for tuition.  It’s criminal.
  • The most overused word in sports today is GREAT. However no matter what measurement you want to use Caitlin Clark is great!
  • The Major League Baseball season starts two weeks too early.
  • Even if you don’t celebrate or observe the meaning of Easter it has always been for me the true beginning of spring. That means it’s time to break out the pastels.


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