It's a popular topic, delicious sandwiches. Who doesn't like a delicious sandwich? Let's talk about a recent survey that looks at the best sandwich shops around America. The best sandwich spot in each state. Lovefood did a survey of the best locations and we are going to focus on their selection for us right here in New Jersey.


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As I have mentioned in the past, my favorite sandwiches include the classic ham & cheese, chicken salad, and one that's not a common one but I do love liverwurst with onion and mustard. By the way, on the ham and cheese, I like "Durkees" it's even better than mustard and goes great with ham & cheese on rye. I don't know how to describe Durkee dressing, maybe a mix of mustard and mayonnaise? petradr petradr


According to Lovefood, This sandwich shop has been running since 1946, and Atlantic City locals are extremely fond of it. Founded by an Atlantic City tailor in the wake of the Second World War, the White House Sub Shop has welcomed a string of showbiz heavyweights in its time: Oprah Winfrey, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles have all stopped here for their hoagie fix. Order the White House Special: a two-foot-long white sub stuffed with deli meats such as salami and capocollo, and finished with provolone cheese.

So have you visited the famous White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City? Give us your review. If you have another favorite "sandwich" shop by all means let us know we have a bunch here in the Garden State. Let me know if you love Durkees' too :)


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