So when it comes to "deli" what comes to mind first for you? Is it cold cuts? Maybe a delicious potato salad? Could it be the pickles? Is their rye bread the best? These are all things I think patrons think about when they go to their favorite deli. Do you have a favorite deli?


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Deli Cenk Batuhan Özaltun



What are the most popular deli items?

According to Yahoo Finance, "Some of the most common deli meats include turkey, ham, beef, chicken, salami, bologna, and pastrami, among others. Specialty deli meats often undergo traditional curing and aging processes, resulting in intense flavors and textures."


Deli Nacho Carretero Molero


Why are deli pickles always so good?

According to, "Real deli pickles are fermented in the brine in large barrels with lots of garlic and pickling spices and dill (never, EVER vinegar). I used to grab a pickle from the Epicure's barrel on the way into work, just to start my day. Nothing like garlic for breakfast!"


Deli Jez Timms


So Lovefood did an article that listed the BEST delis in America. The choice for us here in New Jersey is located in Middlesex County. Lovefood lists Harold's Deli in Edison as out "top deli" in New Jersey. "Pretty much everything is made fresh in-house at Harold’s New York Deli (which, despite the name, is very much in New Jersey). There’s the coleslaw, packed with crunch and zingy flavor, and an array of perfect pickles, usually displayed on what the joint claims is the world’s longest pickle bar. The sandwiches, too, are out of this world, made with the best bread and absolutely packed with fillings like pastrami."


Deli Matthew Moloney


Have you been to Harold's in Edison? If you have give us your review and what is your favorite deli food there. Post your comments below.


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