It is amazing when you go into some of today's supermarkets because they truly have become "super" places to shop. They have so much there are actually different sections to go to. Whether it's groceries or a massive bakery or a restaurant or a pharmacy, you name it they have it. In some cases you can even get tires for your car or remodel your bathroom, these "super" markets are something to visit. When I was growing up they simply had a milk isle, a meat section, and a row of canned goods lol


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What is it you look for in a "super" market? Is it the meat section? Maybe you like their amount of choices? Does their bakery attract you? In some New Jersey locations, they even have a liquor store! Some areas have "Shop Rite Wines & Spirits". Does location and parking play a part in all this? How are the lines? Lots of cashiers? Self-Checkout? All these factors may play a part in why you choose a favorite "super" market.


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There is now a new choice in "super" markets because Shop Rite has opened, what some are calling, a massive new store in Middlesex County (Old Bridge at 600 Schulmeister Rd.). According to a recent article from here are just some of the new features:

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Meat & Seafood Counters
  • Boar’s Head Meats Section
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafe Called the "Knight’s Loft" 

These are just a few of the features for this new store. I might have to take a ride to Old Bridge and do some shopping in this new "super" market. They have a coffee bar so I might just go there and have a cup or two of coffee lol Is it the "Sip Rite" coffee bar? Hey, that's pretty good :) If you have visited the new Shop Rite in Old Bridge give us your review and post your comments below.


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