When Is The Eclipse?

The eclipse for us here in New Jersey will occur Monday, April 8th. For us here in the Northeast we will see approximately 90% coverage. Monday, between approximately 2:10 pm and 4:36 pm, with maximum coverage at approximately 3:25 pm that afternoon. So those are your times to view the effects but do it safely here in the Garden State. According to Space.com"Only during totality — when the sun's face is completely blocked — is it safe to look at the totally eclipsed sun's corona with the naked eye. At all other times, including during the partial phase of the eclipse, you must wear certified solar eclipse glasses to view the sun." 


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Will The Eclipse Affect Some Schools Here In New Jersey?

Yes, not a lot of schools, but some schools in the Garden State will be affected by Monday's eclipse. Let's give you the information we have at this time (Some schools could join this list we will try to keep you up to date if there are any changes).

  • Livingston Schools
  • Pennsauken Public Schools
  • Burlington Township Schools
  • Cherry Hill Public Schools

All of these schools (according to Patch) will "implement early dismissals on April 8, with school officials primarily citing safety concerns, according to announcements posted on district websites. The latest dismissal will be at 1 p.m., roughly an hour before the eclipse is set to begin in the region."



According to NASA, "Eye safety will be the number one priority when viewing a total solar eclipse, and those seeking to look directly at the phenomenon must wear specialized eye protection designed for solar viewing."


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