New Jersey is always taking a beating on their roads and I don't just mean from the weather.

A National poll from 2021 shows that New Jersey had the worst roads in the country. Can you believe we were the worst in the nation. Did we get any better now that we're in 2024.

ultima_gaina getty images
ultima_gaina getty images

Well, we did get a little better. I'd like to see us in the teens or twenties, but at least we are not in dead last like we were a couple of years ago. According to, New Jersey is coming in between 41 and 50. New Jersey is now ranked at 44. We're moving on up.

The best roads in the US, according to this publication, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and most south east states.

According to the article, there are a lot of factors that play into the best roadways in the USA. From bridges to paving our roads. There are several things that went into the methodology to finding the numbers, higher construction costs and lower fatality rates in three categories - urban, rural, and other fatalities, and bridges.  New Jersey is among the top 20 states with the lowest fatalities, that's great news.


New Jersey was ranked 46th for urban Interstate highway pavement condition, 45 for urban arterial (state) highway pavement and 41st for rural arterial highway pavement, but got a decent 24th for rural pavement condition. New Jersey is one of eight states, including neighboring Delaware and New York, that reported more than 7% of their urban Interstate pavement in poor condition.

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