This is one of those stories that have made the rounds on social media—and until you see the video, you won't believe it.


Quick backstory: a couple in New Jersey recently bought a house. When they had to replace some drywall in the basement and opened the wall, they saw some empty Captain Morgan spiced rum bottles falling out.

Curiosity got the best of them, so they decided to keep opening up the wall, and as you'll see in the video they posted on their Instagram page, it's more than a few.

After posting an initial picture, many people, as you can imagine, doubted the legitimacy of it—so they decided to post the video.

Here's what they had to say in their post:

"And for all the nasty trolls accusing me of faking the video and saying that I have no water damage, see the additional photos and videos. — Purchased a home and immediately had a huge flood. Massive rain storm and more water than the ground could hold. This is what we found in the walls of the finished basement when removing ruined sheetrock. I have added a photo of the spot where the bottles were dropped in the wall for those asking."

The social media responses varied, ranging from enthusiastic agreement like 'Oh yes, my type of party' to inquiries and humorous comments.


'Oh yes, my type of party!', 'Well, at least someone has good taste - Captain Morgan! How many? 😂', '😮 OMG! Somebody got thirsty! 😂', 'I have so many questions.'"

Naturally, considering the story's viral spread, you might wonder whether the former owner would come across the video. Yes, the prior homeowner did view the video and reached out, revealing that there were hundreds more concealed within the walls.

Thankfully, the individual mentioned they have been sober for three years now.

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