We are all feeling the tightness of prices skyrocketing.  There’s something else looming in the near distance.  Items are becoming more scarce.

This can cause one of two things to happen.

The scarcity could cause prices for food items, that we absolutely love, to go through the roof.

The other could be, losing our favorite items until something is figured out.

When you think of favorite food in the garden state, believe it or not, it is fueled by a certain food grown in California.

One of our favorites is Pizza.

You also cannot forget about grandma's sauce.

According to a new report, the tomato crop isn't producing like it used to and the numbers are starting to shrink every year.

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Not only could this cause major issues for pizza lovers but this could affect other favorites like sauce or salsa.

According to to Eat This Not That, the main cause is drought.  Not just any drought, “the worst drought in a thousand years.”

Oleksandr Sushko, unsplash
Oleksandr Sushko, unsplash

This article was eye-opening and somewhat frightening.  It’s hard to ignore this ongoing supply and demand issue.  When food becomes hard to come by because of the climate, it’s alarming.

Listen, I think the debate should probably be tabled when it comes to climate change, and action needs to be taken.  Obviously, something is happening.

The changes are going to seriously cause major issues down the road for everyone.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, not only is the arid air causing the problem for the red, round crop.  Finding water, in general, is now having its challenges.  R. Greg Pruett from Ingomar Packing Co, "The water is either too expensive or just not available at any cost."

Vince Lee. Unsplash
Vince Lee. Unsplash

Luckily, right now, where there's no real talk about tomatoes disappearing from the market but if the trend continues, we could see this hurting us from tomatoes, canned tomatoes, and yes, our beloved pizza and grandma's sauce.

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