New Jersey has seen its fair share of natural occurrences or even natural disasters.  That's one of the best things about being in a state with all four seasons.

We see everything, good and bad, but expected, with storms that can bring heavy rain, wind, and tornadoes.  The Garden State is no stranger to hurricanes or even blizzards.

One that you don't usually think of is earthquakes.  It isn't as rare as you may think.

A shift in the tectonic plates, or sudden movement along a fault, mainly causes earthquakes.  This is usually a widespread occurrence on the west coast.

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Today, something very unusual happened in our very own state.  It was rocked by an earthquake.

According to NBC 4 New York, this earthquake only lasted around 30 seconds just after 5 pm.  The USGS said that the magnitude of this earthquake was 2.3.

It's not one of the "big ones" but when you're not expecting this to happen in New Jersey, it is something.  Especially for 30 seconds.

Shefall Lincoln, unsplash
Shefall Lincoln, unsplash

According to the report, a possible aftershock hit roughly one hour after over 1 magnitude.

The location of the New Jersey Earthquake was in Morris County, west of Morris Planes.

This wasn't; the largest earthquake to hit New Jersey, recently.  According to an Earthquake tracking website, a 2.7 magnitude quake hit Bernardsville 7 years ago.

The largest, on the east coast in recent time, was near Dover, Delaware clocking in as a 4-magnitude earthquake.

Larger earthquakes have rattled the country and around the world.  Luckily this was not one of them.

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