It's 2022.  Why are we still focusing on other people's bodies?

What makes a good teacher?  The best educators care for their students, and go above and beyond to make sure they're sharing knowledge with them in a way that's understandable and fun.  They will work hard to make sure their kids aren't falling behind both inside and out of the classroom.

The above is what makes a good teacher, not their body shape, or what they decide to wear.  A teacher's body type shouldn't be a factor in whether or not they have a jobespecially when the teacher in question is wearing clothing that isn't inappropriate.

An art teacher from Pennsauken named Roxsanna Diaz was the subject of a bunch of online hate.  According to Daily Mail, posters called her a bad role model, and said her clothing at school and the pictures she posted online were inappropriate for a teacher.

Let's look at the outfits Diaz wears to school...

In both of these pictures, the art teacher is completely covered and wearing professional clothing.  There's nothing inappropriate or wrong with her outfits.




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As far as the other photos on her Instagram go, she's allowed to post what she wants outside the workplace.  In fact, I'm not a parent, but in my opinion, her students are too young to even be using Instagram since she's a preschool teacher, per Revolt. After seeing the teacher's social media, it's evident she is a talent artist, with a passion for sharing that art with her students.   That's all that matters.




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Thankfully, Diaz is still teaching, and is also using her platform to promote anti-bullying.  You go, girl.

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