You can definitely spot this place a mile away, by the "red" building.

The reason I say my husband, he loves BBQ. And we have some great BBQ places here in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and all over the state. He has tried most of the BBQ places, old and new, in the Garden State.

He used to live close to this one and I think that's really why it's one of his favorites. To me and I know it's horrible, a BBQ place is the same everywhere. Before I get scolded, BBQs such as ribs, all taste the same. I know, I know, I'm sorry. My husband loves me so much, but when I say this, he says, "NO WAY."

rebeccafondren, Getty Images
rebeccafondren, Getty Images

He says that Big Ed's BBQ in Matawan is absolutely delicious. You can spot this place a mile away on Rt. 34 because of the "bright" red barn-looking building. I remember when I used to live in Monmouth County and drive by this place, I thought what a perfect building for BBQ. I believe there are even cut-out pigs out front and inside. It's been so long since I've been there, my husband works in the Monmouth County area so he can still go there often.

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Brisket, ribs, smoked sausage, and pulled pork are a BBQ lover's dream. And I remember their cole slaw, it was delicious. Popular items on Big Ed's BBQ are the Chili Cheese & Onion Potato Skins, their Mac and Cheese, and their Baby Back Ribs are some favorites.

Big Ed's BBQ is located at 305 Rt. 34 in Matawan.

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