Little Dog Left For Dead Is On The Mend

I'll be honest this story deeply disturbed me. It was such a heartbreaking story that my reaction was to get mad. You may have heard about this horrible story, but if not it involves a poor little dog and she suffered a horrible sequence of events from her previous owners who basically left this little girl to die. The little dog was abandoned and was left caged in an apartment that the people left and they left the dog behind without any food or water or a way to escape. Thank god that Animal Rescue was able to find the pup and get her the much-needed care before she died.


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According to the Associated Humane Society Newark, this poor little girl arrived from the Newark facility. "When her family moved out of their rented apartment, they took all their other pets with them but unfortunately left her behind. It wasn't until weeks later, when cleaning crews arrived to ready the apartment for new tenants, that she was discovered. Heartbroken and neglected, she was found locked in a small crate in a corner of the filthy kitchen."


Associated Humane Society Newark via Facebook


How scared this poor little dog must have been. It was absolutely criminal that they left her locked in a cage to die. Amazingly, she managed to survive. I hope these people are tracked down and found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law under "animal cruelty" crimes. I also hope and pray she now finds a loving home.



The little girl is now at Associated Humane Society in Newark and reports are she is on the mend. A huge thank you to the angels at A-H-S who are treating the tiny girl following her horrible treatment. An update from the shelter says they have even given her a new name, along with hopefully a wonderful new life.


Popcorn Park Animal Shelter via Facebook


If You would like to see if Popcorn Park needs donations to help "Cinderella", contact them at Phone: (973) 824 7080  or (609) 693-1900



Canva/Associated Humane Society Newark
Canva/Associated Humane Society Newark



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