When is this eye sore on Rt. 9 in Bayville going to get cleaned up?

It's been like this for years now, since Blackbeard's closed. Although, the miniature golf course has been removed, but what about the building, the weeds, and the fences around it?

If you're new to the area of Bayville - Pine Beach area, Blackbeard's Cave was a little adventure amusement park on Rt. 9 in Bayville, NJ. It was filled with adorable smaller rides in Adventure Station. They had swings, a cute dinosaur ride, a dragon roller coaster that kids loved, and so much more. They had a bouncy house, batting cages, a climbing wall, and go-karts. The fun we had in the tank tag.

As a parent of smaller children in the Bayville, Beachwood, Pine Beach area, this was perfect for us to bring the kids. We didn't have to drive to Seaside Heights or Point Pleasant Beach for some summertime fun for the boardwalk, we had it right in our town.

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We had so many events and appearances at Blackbeard's Cave. They had a little snack bar off to the side, near the miniature golf, across from the batting cages, and they had specials for our listeners when they would come out, it was just a nice time. The memories never end.

These pictures show the run-down and abandoned Blackbeard's. It's so sad to think, not that long ago, we were having a lot of fun at Blackbeard's.

11 Pictures of Abandoned Blackbeard's Cave in Bayville, NJ

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