Controversial opinion time...

Sometimes while I'm filling up my tank at Wawa I'll run into the store to grab a few things. While I've seen this done countless times by other patrons, this is apparently a controversial act.

Now before you break out the pitch forks there are a few rules that I abide by when making my Wawa and gas run happen simultaneously.

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"Fill It Regular"

I will only run into the store if I am filling up my tank. If I ask the gas attendant for $20 regular, I stay put in my seat. I am notorious for driving until I am close to E, so filling up the tank really is filling up the tank.

Gas Guage Empty

Don't Order a Sub

I will be as quick and as efficient as possible in the store. I won't stand there debating on which flavor of coffee I want that day. I also will try my best to avoid ordering anything from behind the counter.

Be Mindful

Another rule I abide by is I will not do this if the gas station is packed. If there are plenty of empty gas pumps, I'll make my run.

If you follow those above rules, I see nothing wrong with running into Wawa while getting gas.

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Does Wawa Approve of You Running Into Wawa While Getting Gas?

Apparently, New Jersey's favorite convenience store is all for it!

A few years ago I took to the platform formally known as Twitter, asking Wawa whether or not they approve of this behavior.


What did Wawa say?

Well, they didn't actually respond with words, but rather a "like."


Someone has responded to my tweet saying "Affirmative," agreeing with my sentiment. Wawa took the time to "like" the response, which to me, means they completely agree.

So next time your gas tank and your caffeine level are close to E, multitask!

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